Oneonta, NY 13820


RICKY J. “Pit” Parisian

Ricky J. Parisian was born January 2, 1960. He was killed May 20, 1994 while trying to stop an armed robbery at an Oneonta, NY grocery store. In his short number of years, Ricky touched everyone that he came into contact with in a very special way. He was a leader in work and in play, and once you were his friend, you were always his friend.

An Oneonta native, Ricky was an enthusiastic athlete at Oneonta High School. He loved football and proved to be a leader on the field, despite suffering through many losing seasons. He met his future wife, Debra, while she was attending the State University College at Oneonta. They were married in June 1984.

In 1983, he joined the Oneonta City Police Department, enjoying the idea the he was adding to the greater good of the city. In 1986 he became a New York State Trooper, being stationed in Oneonta where he and Deb had built a home. In 1992 he was assigned to the Special Investigation Unit in White Plains, working largely undercover in an effort to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. He maintained his home in Oneonta, commuting every week. He loved his work and saw it as his duty in life to make his corner of the world a little safer.

It was here in Oneonta, while grocery shopping with Deb, that he attempted to stop an armed robbery in progress. After ensuring that customers and patrons were safe, he confronted the robber. A scuffle ensued, and in trying to tackle the robber, Ricky was shot in the chest. He died as a result, but not before pulling off the robber’s mask so that he could be identified, caught, tried and convicted.

Ricky exhibited heroism, though he would not have seen it that way. He was loyal to his ideals to the very end. The events which benefit the foundation in his memory are a celebration of his ideals and his joy for life.