Oneonta, NY 13820

Detailed Allocations

The Foundation is pleased to have had the opportunity to provide financial enrichment/support to the Oneonta community in the following ways:

Agency PurposeAmountPit Run Year*
Oneonta Public Elementary Schools (4) and St. Mary’sArt/music programs$5,0001999
La Paloma FilmsDocumentary promoting Oneonta Community$5,000 1999
Boys/Girls ClubPurchase of exercise equipment$1,000 2000
Oneonta Public Elementary Schools (4) and St. Mary’sPhys. Ed. Programs$5,0002000
OHS (Baker Field) Replace bleachers$5,0002000
Oneonta Community Alliance for Youth (OCAY)Skate park project in Neahwa Park$2,0002000
Explorers Post 2530 (OFD & Boy Scouts)Fire Service Weekend fee and equipment$1,9192001
Oneonta Little League Roof replacement materials for the concession stand$1,0002001
NY Police & Fire Widow’ & Children’s Benefit FundSupport 9-11 Crisis$5,0002001
Oneonta High School (Sports Video Equipment)Enhance capabilities for: individual recruitment tapes for colleges, and more$2,0002001
Otego PlaygroundAssist in purchase of equipment$1,5002002
Oneonta School DistrictHigh School softball field development$5,0002002
St. Mary’s SchoolPlayground development$5,0002002
OHS Lacrosse Club Purchase equipment$1,0002003
YMCAGymnastics – balance beam$2,0002004
Oneonta Community Christian School Computers & monitors for student computer lab$1,0742004
OHS Lacrosse ClubPurchase equipment$1,0002004
Oneonta School DistrictGreater Plains playground development$5,0002004
Oneonta Boys/Girls ClubPurchase of exercise equipment (weight benches)$1,0002004
Huntington LibraryChildren material$2,000 2004
Oneonta School DistrictHS/MS fitness – Mackey, Heart monitors +$1,0002004
OHS Lacrosse ClubPurchase Equipment$1,0002004
St. Mary’s SchoolBall field development$1,0002004
UCCCAArt studio classroom materials/equipment$1,0002005
Family Services Assoc.Children services/materials$5002005
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren books/puppet stand$1,7502005
Oneonta School DistrictChildren Tech/computer support$5002005
Oneonta School DistrictLacrosse Club – equipment$1,0002005
Family Resource NetworkSibshop: start up supplies$5752005
YMCAGymnastics: vaulting table$2,0002005
St. Mary’s SchoolSchool-wide computer server $3,5002006
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren’s books (B-6th grade) fiction/non-fiction$2,5002006
Oneonta School DistrictMS/HS Tech Program$3,0002006
Family Services AssociationChildren services/materials$5002006
OCAY – Teen CenterLarge leisure item$9502006
Oneonta Boy & Girls ClubWeight training Equipment$3982007
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren & Adolescent books$3,0002007
Oneonta School DistrictTech – Smartboard @ GP$1,7252007
UCCCA: w/ the YMCA and Orpheus TheatreFord Avenue Fun Cam$1,5002007
Oneonta Youth SoccerSusquehanna Sports Park; improve soccer fields$5002007
Valley View School PTOSupport playground project$5,0002007
Oneonta RIFBooks for kids$1,0002008
YMCA Gymnastics: spring floor$2,5002008
Oneonta Football Booster ClubData projector & football scouting software$2,0002008
Girls on the RunDevelopment Program for girls in grades 3-8$1,2002008
Huntington LibraryChildren books & audio materials$3,5002008
Oneonta Youth SoccerFurther field development, Susquehanna Sports Park$5002008
Oneonta School DistrictSmartboard @ VV$3,0002009
Family Services AssociationBack to school supplies$5002009
Oneonta RIFBooks for kids$1,0002009
Oneonta Community Christian SchoolEducational materials$4,0002009
Girls on the RunDevelopment Program for girls in grades 3-8$1,2002009
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren books/audio materials$3,5002009
Oneonta Youth Soccer AssociationPrepare 2 additional fields for play$5002009
Explorer Post 1908Equipment purchase$2002009
American Legion BaseballUniforms & equipment$2,8002010
Family Services Assoc.Back to school supplies$5002010
Girls on the RunProgram continued growth$1,2002010
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren books/books on compact disc$3,5002010
Oneonta School DistrictValleyview: Gazelle trainers; Aerobic exercise equipment$5002010
Oneonta RIFBooks for kids$1,0002010
Springbrook (School)Whiteboard & projector$2,3002010
Lighthouse Christian AcademyPlayground equipment$5,0002010
Greater Oneonta Football AssociationHelmets$2,5002011
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren books$1,0002011
Girls on the RunProgram growth$5002011
Oneonta School DistrictVV: Reading rewards program$1,0002011
Fokine Ballet CompanyReplace costumes$3,1202011
Athelas Therapeutic RidingScholarships for riders$5002011
American Legion BaseballEquipment purchases$1,0002011
4-H Camp ShankitunkProgram expense support$1,5002011
Family Services Assoc.Back to school program support$5002011
Oneonta RIFBooks for kids$1,0002011
YMCAGymnastic floor mat$2,0002011
Oneonta Soccer Club (Wright Nat’l Fields)Program expense support$1,0002011
Oneonta RIFBooks for kids$1,0002012
Girls on the RunProgram Growth$1,1602012
Oneonta Youth SoccerSoccer ball purchases$1,5002012
American Legion BaseballEquipment Purchases$1,0002012
Bugbee Children’s CenterFive (gymnastic/safety) mats$2,7002012
Huntington LibraryChildren books$1,5002012
Athelas Therapeutic Riding, Inc.Program equipment$2,7502012
4-H Camp ShankitunkProgram Expense Support$1,5002012
Oneonta YMCASports Conditioning Program$3,0002012
Oneonta Community Christian SchoolScience Lab safety ‘hood’ (November)$2,0002013
Oneonta RIFChildren books for distribution$1,0002013
Lower Deck Events, Inc.Fire truck themed toddler playground equipment – 6th Ward $5,0002013
Family Services Assoc.Back to School Program$750 2013
Oneonta Soccer ClubPurchase of aluminum benches$2,3102013
Athelas Therapeutic Riding, Inc.Adaptable saddle w/ 6 attachments$6,0002013
Girls on the RunEnsure Inclusive program$1,4502013
4-H Camp ShankitunkOffset fees for participants$1,5002013
Huntington Memorial LibraryChildren books and iPad/cover$2,1442013
Bugbee Children’s CenterFive (gymnastic/safety) mats$2,7252013
American Legion BaseballEquipment purchase (wood bats, balls, jerseys) $1,5002013
Fokine Ballet CompanyReplace 14 costumes for The Nutcracker$2,1002014
Oneonta RIFChildren Books for Distribution$1,0002014
Oneonta Soccer ClubUpgrade Field 4 scoreboard$3,3002014
Girl on the RunEnsure Inclusive Program$8002014
OWL –Oneonta World of LearningPurchase Imagination Playground Bricks$2,5002014
Huntington Memorial LibraryPrize books, Lego Table & Legos, JNF books$2,8002014
Greater Plains PTOWeekend/holiday back pack program; nutrition assistance$1,0002014
American Legion Baseball20 bats, 10 dozens baseballs, 20 baseball caps$1,5002014
4-H Camp ShankitunkOffset fees for 15 participants$1,5002014
Oneonta YMCAProgram equipment for youth sports league (focus 4-7 yrs)$1,5002014
Athelas Therapeutic Riding Rental/care for therapy horse: Dart$3,0002014
GOFA – Greater Oneonta Football Assoc Materials for shed; purchase blocking sled$2,0002014
Family Service AssocBack to School Program supplies$1,0002014
Oneonta RIFChildren Books for Distribution$1,0002015
Athelas Therapeutic RidingRental/care for therapy horses$3,0002015
4-H Camp ShankitunkOffset fees for 15 participants$1,5002015
Oneonta YMCAProgram equipment for youth sports (pool & outdoor)$1,5002015
Huntington Memorial LibraryJuvenile nonfiction books$1,5002015
GoSTEM – Research Foundation for SUNYRocket kits for Summer Institute (Astronomy)$1,0002015
Girls on the RunEnsure inclusive program$8002015
American Legion Baseball20 wooden bats, 10 dozen baseballs$1,6002015
Lower Deck EventsEquipment maintenance & upgrades$1,5002015
Orpheus Theatre, Inc.StarStruck productions: costumes & reusable props$1,6002015
OCCA: Susquehanna Greenway FundSignage along Greenway$1,0002015
OWL – Oneonta World of LearningPurchase “Rigamajig”: a children’s construction set$3,5002015
American Legion BaseballUniform/equipment expenses$1,3202016
Athelas Therapeutic RidingRiding saddles, saddle rack, camera$3,0002016
4-H Camp ShankitunkOffset fees for 15 participants$1,5002016
Family Services AssocBack to School Program supplies$1,0002016
Go-STEM – Research Foundation for SUNYSolar powered vehicle kits for Sumer Institute (Nature Tech)$1,2002016
Huntington Memorial LibrarySummer Reading Program; books & equipment, prizes$1,0002016
Little Delaware Youth EnsembleStudent materials, booklet for scores and composition$2,330 2016
Lower Deck EventsMaintain/enhance playground$1,500 2016
Oneonta Soccer ClubSet of Youth Soccer goals$2,1002016
Orpheus TheatreThe Lion King JUNIOR – costumes and props expenses$1,5002016
RIFChildren books for distribution$1,0002016
SpringbrookInteractive 70’ LCD screen$3,0002016
YMCA OneontaSummer program: equipment & supplies$1,5002016
Research Foundation for SUNY24 Drone Kits$1,2002017
Huntington Memorial LibraryBooks for shelves, Summer reading party (Music)$1,5002017
Cornell Coop. Ext. 4-H CampOffset fees for 15 participants$1,5002017
Ainsley’s AngelsCargo Trailer to move equipment to events$1,5002017
Oneonta YMCAYouth fitness programs – equip$1,5002017
Oneonta RIFDistribution of books$1,0002017
Little Del. Youth EnsembleCost of student focused classes$1,5002017
American Legion BaseballCaps, balls, bats$1,5002017
Lower Deck EventsCommercial sand bag throw games: “Battle of Blazes”$1,5002017
RoboKronos, FIRST RoboticsParts for building a competitive robot$2,5002017
The Springbrook FoundationTravel for Sp Olympics Soccer Team$1,2002017
GOTR Central NYMaterials for coach boxes$2,0002017
EDD Memorial FundInclusive group activities: Pickleball equipment$1,0002017
Pathfinder Village CampOne campership for week long summer program$1,5002017
Athelas Therapeutic RidingRiding helmets, horse shoes, equipment$1,1002017
Little Del. Youth EnsembleMusic-stand lights, Instruments$1,3002018
Oneonta Christian AcademyMicroscope, science kit$2,0002018
Family Services AssociationBack to School Program$1,5002018
GoSTEM Leadership – Research Fdtn SUNY12 Tello Drones$1,2002018
Cornell Cooper. Ext.; 4-H CampTraverse Wall on ropes course, offset fees for camp$2,5002018
Amer. Legion Baseball – GreenwaveUniform pants, baseballs $1,5002018
Orpheus Theatre Inc.Rear projection screen package$1,5002018
EDD Memorial FundBike helmets, meals, Pickleball swing stand$1,0002018
Pathfinder Village FoundationOne campership for week long summer program$1,5002018
The Springbrook FoundationExpand playground at Kids’ Unlimited Preschool$2,5002018
Dance Team – Unatego SchoolPortable amplifier/speaker Sound System$500 2018
Athelas Therapeutic RidingRiding equipment & activities, horseshoes$1,1002018
GOTR of Central NYCoach boxes & materials$2,0002018
Catskill Choral SocietySheet music for adolescent performances$3002018
Huntington Mem. LibrarySummer Reading Program, books for shelves$1,3002018
Ainsley’s Angels of AmericaUpgrade chariots & Trailer$1,5002018
Oneonta Soccer ClubReplace corner flags on fields$6002018
Ainsley’s Angels of CNY Chariot expense/purchase $1,500 2019
Amer. Legion Baseball – Greenwave Uniform pants, caps, baseballs $1,500 2019
Cornell Coop. Ext.: 4-H Camp Offset fees for 15 participants $1,500 2019
EDD Memorial Fund 2 adjustable basketball goals $1,200 2019
Fokine Ballet Company Replace Nutcracker costumes $2,000 2019
GOTR of Central NY Offset participant Fees $1,500 2019
Research Fdtn for SUNY- GoSTEM camp Bio Camp participant equipment $1,200 2019
Huntington Memorial Library Child loan shelf books $1,500 2019
Milford Junior Baseball Uniform Jerseys & Pants $2,945 2019
Oneonta Christian Academy Flex seating & Noise cancelling headphone $1,000 2019
Oneonta Little League Baseballs; t-ball, practice, game certified $1,100 2019
OWL – Oneonta World of Learning Water exhibit; equipment and kits $800 2019
RIF- Reading is Fundamental Book distributions $1,200 2019
Trout Unlimited Supplies for ‘Trout in the Classroom’ project $1,500 2019
West Kortright Centre Children’s outdoor interactive play $650 2019
YMCA Oneonta Youth Sports Equipment $1,500 2019

*Note: This column represents the Pit Run year the money was allocated from.

                                                                                    Last updated: Feb. 2020

Scholarship Total: $251,500

Community Support: $323,745

Total Giving: $575,245