Ricky J. Parisian Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
Board Member Information


The following individuals have graciously given at least nine years of their time to serve as a Director on the Board of the Ricky J. Parisian Scholarship Foundation. 

We continue to recognize the influence their participation had on shaping the Foundation into the successful community-based group that it is today.

**  Indicates a director who has served a minimum of 18 years!


Founding  Members:  served a minimum of 3 full terms (9 yrs) on the board

Tim Catella** Past President
James Elting   Past President
Steven Havens   Past President
Kevin Molinari  
Alvin Parisian  
Debra Parisian Secretary
Margaret Parisian  
Steven Parisian  Past President
Anne-Marie Redmond** Past Treasurer
Nancy Scanlon** Past President, Secretary
Walter Terry  


Additional  Past Directors:

Richard Harlem Past President
Joseph Redmond Past Treasurer
Paul Adamo Past President
Shari Johnson-Ploutz Past Secretary, President
Thomas Kelly Past President
Eric Shields  
Rick Woods  
Ryan Brooks Past President
Janice Currie  
Doug Decker  
Theo Basdekis  


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