Oneonta, NY 13820


The Scholarship Award

Amount: $2,000 per semester or term; maximum of $4,000 per school year. The scholarship ends upon completion of an undergraduate degree. Recipients who continue school full-time to pursue a graduate degree are encouraged to request additional financial support from the Foundation.

How is it obtained: The most unique aspect of this Award is that it is not an application process; the recipients are identified through a selection process at the Oneonta High School, completely removed from the Foundation.

When is it announced: The announcement is made to the recipient and the Foundation members on May 20th of each year, the anniversary date of Investigator Ricky J. Parisian’s death. The scholarship is then formally awarded during Oneonta High School’s graduation ceremony.

Selection Process:

The selection process begins January 15th each year, with the establishment a Nominating Committee. This committee consists of five to seven full-time high school faculty and staff, identified in consultation with the principal of Oneonta High School and members of the Foundation. This team meets throughout the spring to identify an individual who possesses the strongest of qualities/ideals and, as Ricky Parisian did, upholds these characteristics even when they think “no one else is looking”. The team continues to meet until a consensus is established and one student is identified as the recipient.

Criteria guidelines: The final candidate exemplifies the following qualities and ideals:

  • Treats All People With Respect – courteous & polite, judges all people on their merits, is tolerant, appreciative and accepting of individual differences.
  • Demonstrates Integrity – stands up for own beliefs of right & wrong, resists social pressure to do wrong, respects self, strives to be the best self that they can be
  • Honest – tells the truth, is sincere, does not mislead or withhold information in relationships of trust
  • Responsible – thinks before acting, considers consequences, is accountable
  • Loyal – stands by family, friends, employers, community & country, does not talk about others behind their back
  • Keeps Promises – keeps their word & honors their commitments, pays debts & returns what is borrowed
  • Pursues Excellence – does their best with what they have, does not quit easily
  • Fair – treats all people fairly, is open-minded, listens to others, tries to understand what they are saying or feeling
  • Kind And Caring – shows that they care through generosity & compassion, is not selfish or mean
  • Good Citizen – obeys the law & respects authority, volunteers their efforts, protects the environment